Of Fandom and Things

I’ve been a big fan of Felicity Jones for as long as I can remember. Back in 2010, I opened the first fan site for her at Felicity-Jones.org. A few years ago the most prominent host for fansites disappeared and so did my site. I’ve tried reopening it a few times but it never really got back off the ground. Now I’m trying again, and I’ve also turned it into an approved TFL fanlisting. I’d love it if you took a look:

Captivating Felicity Jones

The Good Old Days

I have uploaded a long list of domain name ideas to the Things page. Some are taken from lists of sites now long gone, and others are ideas that I almost used but didn’t. Do let me know if you decide to grab one for yourself!

Soon I will be offering free subdomain hosting under ofstars.org, so if you too miss the days of pretty personal websites please do consider popping back to apply!

Finally, I have been gifted some money and vouchers from various lovely people for Christmas. My old iPad mini 4 now runs at a snail’s pace (unsurprisingly) and I’m trying to decide if I should invest in a new one? Perhaps the new iPad mini 6, or the iPad 10th generation? Or even just stick with the older, but cheaper slightly more boring iPad 9? If you had to choose, which one would you get?

Promises to Me

I’ve put up a new header image by the very artistic Carmen, I hope you like it – I wanted something that felt nostalgic and it definitely hits the mark!

Christmas feels like it’s pretty much over and done with now, I’ve been thinking forward to the New Year. We’ve booked a big family holiday to Greece in the summer, and I’d really like to feel a bit more confident in my skin by then. I put on a lot of weight after having my son, and although I know my body needs a lower carb diet to prevent this (thanks gestational diabetes!) I haven’t been taking care of myself properly since. There have been a lot of excuses and “I love food…” moments, but I decided to sign up to a 12 month contract at Second Nature. I did a 3 month cycle three years ago which really worked, but lost motivation once my contract finished. The program has changed a bit since I last did it, so I hope it still works!

Have you got any plans for the New Year?

Happy Christmas, Hello Queen!

Hello! Welcome to Queen; a little Christmas present to myself.
Amanda and I have recently been talking lots about how much we miss #oldinternet and I was inspired to purchase OfStars.org. It’s not much at the moment, but eventually it will be an umbrella domain of pure awesomeness and nostalgia. For now, it houses my newest personal endeavour under the queen subdomain (you’re here!), which will probably be a poor attempt at a blog. Please check back soon for some proper updates, and feel free to let me know your opinion of the ofstars.org domain in the comments.

Happy Christmas everyone!